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A Devotee Les Basquinas
Ms. Sanchez is a teacher who devoted her life to teaching the children. During
weekdays, she teaches at school, and on weekends she gathers all the neighboring
children and teaches them to read, write and count
One day, the barangay officials noticed the kindness done by Ms. Sanchez to the
children. They decided to go to her house. As they reached Ms. Sanchez's house, they
were so surprised to see a miniclassroom in her garden where the children learn to
count write and read.
Ms. Sanchez was also surprised to see the Barangay Oficials in her house. She
hurriedly entertained there. They asked Ns Sanchez if she is willing to be a volunteer
teacher in the Literacy Program of the barangay.
Without much hesitation, she accepted being a volunteer teacher on the Literacy
Progan. The barangay officials leave her house happily.
1. What is the idle of the story?
2. Who is the author of the story?
3. Who are the characters in the story?
4. What can you say about each character in the story?
5. What is the story all about?

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A Devotee Les Basquinas
Ms. Sanchez is a teacher who devoted her life to teaching the childre...

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